Handmade solid wood racks for Surfboard and Snowboard – “Fish” model – Perfect for Short Longboard, Snowboard and Skateboard

Do not leave your table hidden anymore! Hang it on the wall with our solid wood racks and turn it into a piece of furniture for your home or your store! Features: Handmade in Italy ~ Completely handmade Resistance ~ Made of incredibly resistant 2 cm thick non-glued solid wood Easy assembly ~ The unique fastening system only takes a few minutes for assembly, 2 screws and NO VISIBLE HOLE to hang it; you can also hang vertically with 2 pairs of hooks (please specify) Style ~ The design and the natural or shabby chic finish have been designed to best fit your decor Eco-sustainability ~ Our raw materials are selected from the best available, always in full respect of nature and eco-sustainability (wood comes strictly from eco-sustainable forests with controlled growth) Care in details ~ natural finish without using synthetic paints Accessories ~ Included in the package 2 optional anti-slip cork straps applicable to your choice. Laser engraving of our official Surf4Home® logo. Proudly handmade with ♥ in Italy. We ship our certificate of authenticity and a small surprise gadget * Each product can differ from each other guaranteeing the genuineness of our craft products.