dangling toes Surfboard Bag Sock Cover | Hassle Free |The Wax Guard is a New Look in Surfboard Socks (Orange, 7-8’5″ (Round Nose))

Save yourself from the hassle of traditional surfboard bags which a very hard to get on and off. Dangling toes presents the Wax Guard surfborad cover. A solution that has a large opening and elastic bungee cord which makes it quick and easy to get to the beach and back. It comes in different designs that you can choose from. This surfboard cover keeps the wax off your car’s interior and other surfboards.

Product Features

  • The socks are made from High Quality Microfiber
  • There is an Internal nylon liner sewn in to protect the fabric from absorbing wax
  • Pointed Nose for 5ft 6ft 7ft and Round Nose for 8ft 9ft Surfboards
  • These Bags have a Large Opening which makes it very EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF
  • Bungee Draw String, it keeps it securely on your surfboard and in place