A ALPENFLOW Surfboard Leash 7mm Premium 8’ Straight Leash with Double Stainless Steel Swivels and Triple Rail Saver (Blue, 8’)

Cylinder cord

Product Features

  • Surper durability for safety: 7mm cord for maximum strength; double stainless steel swivels prevent leash from tangling and wrapping around your legs; high density nylon triple wrap rail saver
  • Comfort and lightenss: Comfortable padded neoprene ankle cuff; first class TPU for leash cord to guarantee flexibility and lightness
  • User friendly: easily pull tab for quick release; handy hidden key pocket;triple lock rail saver attach to your board easily. NO LEASH DRAG at all, as coiled leash cord keeps your leash out of water
  • Colored Neoprene Ankle Cuffs to match cord colors: Uniquely designed to match cuff colors with TPU cord colors and make the leash fashionable. Bright cuff make your leash looks more unique!
  • Alpenflow surfboard leashes are stored and shipped (quickly and reliably) to you by Amazon