Culprit Surf 6ft COMP Surfboard High Performance Leash – Blue

Culprit Surf’s High Performance line leashes are made of only the highest quality materials and are offered at affordable prices, making these all-purpose leashes a great value. Our leashes have a dual stainless steel swivel system and extra rigid cuff attachments triple-rail saver that help keep you from getting tangled up. We use the best Velcro money can buy and use a triple wrap railsaver to ensure you don’t have to worry about leash failure when you are out in the surf. Compare features with other brands top end models.

Product Features

  • Dual stainless steel anti-tangle corrosion resistant swivel system
  • Super rigid cuff attachment keeps leash away from your leg
  • Triple wrap railsaver with key pocket
  • We extended the Velcro length for use with wetsuits
  • High strength 6MM Polyurethane leg rope for durability