Vamo SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Wall Ceiling Storage Rack | Surfboard Wall Rack |Paddle Board Wall Mount | Paddleboard Wall Storage (CEILING SUP)

Latest Addition:
The Vamo SUP is our newest addition to the Naked Rack lineup. It took longest time to develop due to the size and weight of paddleboards. It is one thing to make a rack to hold a skateboard or short surfboard on the wall and it is another thing to hold. We introduced a new strengthening rib that adds a lot of rigidity and strength.

Board as decoration on wall:
Long board Wall Storage Rack is perfect for decorating your surfboard on your wall .These racks are good in looking, affordable and will display your short, long board, or SUP in your home or office as a decoration.

Surfboard Installation:
The rack is a set of 2 independent arms each rack arm has two pre-drilled holes that allow you to mount two screws in a single stud. That is simple and easy to install.

High Quality:
The Paddleboard Wall Storage Rack are made of high quality steel material that are durable, long-lasting and very can bear the weight of the every kind of surfboard and provide full protection while the board is handling.

Simple and perfect style:
The Vamo SUP is simple and stylish in design. This rack is having the perfect paddle board storage solution! Wall rack is a heavy duty rack for your paddle board to rest when you’re not in the water.

Product Features

  • Vamo snowboard wall mount looks great while showing your board as a wall decorator! The design of surf racks is perfect for both short and long surfboards
  • Surfboards are available in many shapes and sizes, so it’s a challenging task to have one rack which is fit for every Surfboard. But Vemo Paddleboard Wall Storage Rack is having perfect design for every size. Great for any king of surf or stand up paddle board.
  • The High quality Longboard Wall Storage SUP Rack arms are made from a single piece of aluminum that are strong and durable can be bear the weight of all sizes
  • Surfboard hooks are simple but stylish in design and allow you for quick installation on wall. The rack’s arms keep your Board safe and secure while hanging on the wall.
  • Paddle board holder provides full protection to Surfboards; the arms keep your board scratch free and Come with all hardware needed for the mounting.