Timber Surfboard Wall Rack – Holds 4 Surfboards – Wood Home Storage Mount System

Made by StoreYourBoard, the leaders in gear storage, the Timber Wall Rack is the perfect wall mounted storage solution for your shortboards and longboards!

The Timber Rack consists of:
-14.5″ Rack arms to provide plenty of space for your boards
-4 levels of racks to hold up to 4 boards.
-Mounting hardware and instructions included for easy installation

What Gear will it hold?
-Weight: Easily up to 20 lbs per level and 80 lbs total
-Versatile: Store all your gear including surfboards, longboards, fish, funshapes, catchsurf, wavestorms, skis, snowboards, wakeboard, water skis, and more

DIMENSIONS Rack arm length: 14.5″ From Wall Spacing between levels: 8.5″ Base plate height: 40.5″

(2) Base Plates (8) Cork-lined Rack Arms (4) Brass Mounting Hardware Screws (16) Rack Arm Mounting Bolts Instructions

Product Features

  • STYLISH AND SLEEK: made from natural hardwood with a gorgeous finish to match your style
  • HEAVY DUTY YET PROTECTIVE: holds 20 lbs. per level with cork padding to protect your boards from scratches and dings
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: great for longboards and shortboards, and also will work great for wakeboards, snowboards, skis, and more
  • STORAGE SOLUTION: easy to mount in your home, garage, beach house, or anywhere you want to store your surfboards
  • TIMBER RACK: the perfect wood wall rack to store all of your gear!