Surfboard Bag/Surfboard Sock/Surf Board Bag Cover Travel Day Bag – Awesome Surf Accessory! (Good for Shortboard or Longboard). Handmade! (Aqua Marine, 8′ long)

A tightly woven handmade surfboard sock / surfboard bag brought to you by Open Road Goods in collaboration with Mermaid Dress. This product is handmade by local townspeople and supports small independent artisans! (This is NOT made in large factory, it is individually crafted by hand!). Similar to DAKINE and FCS board bags, but with one of a kind style! This board bag adds a little extra flavor and steez to your shred stick while protecting it during light transport. It features a simple drawstring closure system to ensure a tight solid seal while enabling you to quickly get your surf board in or out of the bag. A great day use bag to protect your board during trips to your favorite local surf spot.

Product Features

  • Handmade surfboard bag! Supports small independent artisans (not big factories). (Hand woven / Hand Knit).
  • Helps to protect surf boards from minor dings and damage while transporting
  • Drawstring closure system and long fin slit enabling secure tranportation and easy use to get you board in and out of the bag
  • Fits a variety of size and shape boards with bag sizes ranging from 5’2″ up to 10′ in length, and up to 22″ wide for up to 8′ bags, and 24″ wide for 10′ bags