Shapers Surf Wax Comb with Fin Key & Future Fin Screws (12 Screws) | Wax Comb for Surfboard

We are so happy to introduce The sufrboard wax comb by Shapers.

This is not deal of only one product

The Package Included:

✓Surf Wax Comb with a Stainless Steel bottle opener

✓A Fin Key

✓Future Fin Screws (12 Screws)

This is The ultimate wax comb for surfboard! Deep Comb Teeth Stainless Steel Allen Key Bevelled Wax Removeal Edge Stainless Steel Beer Opener.

If you have any question feel free to send us a message!

Product Features

  • The all in 1 Package Deal. Nothing else like it for the price
  • Wax Comb for those gnarly bumps and removal. Very durable comb.
  • Bottle Opener Inside wax comb so when your hanging with your blokes after a long day surfing you dont have to reach far.
  • Allen Fin Key for all fin boxes. This helps replace your fins in your boxes in no time at all. Durable steal wghich reduces stripping in your allen screws.
  • 12 Allen Screws for all fin systems such as shapers, FCS, Futures & longboard fins for Stand Up Paddles Boards, Longboard Side Fins and more.