PAMGEA Surfboard Cover (Pink, 6’8″ Hybrid)

Product Features

  • Lightweight protection for your surfboard! Sock styled bag for protecting your surfboard to and from the beach.
  • Sizing and Shape: We recommend a size at or just longer than your board length. For boards 21 inches or wider, we recommend a size 2-4 inches longer. This is especially important for longboards, funboards, mini-mals, eggs, and larger fish shapes. If you have a question about size, please ask!
  • Padded nose with stretch fabric to protect your surfboard from bumps, scratches, and UV rays. Great for local trips to the beach, as well as extra protection inside travel bags!
  • Prevents wax from rubbing on your car’s interior. We chose lightly colored material to help prevent your board from getting too hot.