NEW Surfboard Bag TRAVEL Surfboard Cover – Armourdillo FISH / RETRO – by Curve size 5’9 to 7’3 (6’3 fish)

The Armourdillo surfboard travel bag is, like its name suggests, surrounded with some serious padded ‘armor’ from just about every angle. Strategically located Mega padded 20mm (3/4″) foam blocks on each side of the nose, tail and also rail zones – means your board is super protected at its most vulnerable points, and edges – with at least double the padding of standard premium travel bags. Armourdillo is for those serious about protecting their surfboard…. the only thing it wont do is roll up into an armored ball. What it will do is protect your surfboard from nose to tail providing unrivaled protection in key damage zones. And because the boosted padded zones are in key areas, the overall weight of the bag is kept down and remains surprisingly manageable. Each bag also features Curves unique Tail Protection Strap System (TPSS) built-in internal strap that wraps around the tail to hold your board secure inside the bag. Brought to you by Curve (same guys behind the acclaimed Boost bag) – Armourdillo mega boosted board protection – from Nose to Tail, including Rails!! SIZING: note length & width dims to fit surfboards up to that length and width, followed by nose shape. Eg 5’9×23″ fits surfboard up to and including 5’9 tall, up to and including 23″ wide, with hybrid (semi pointed) nose. SIZE LIST: 5’9×23″ hybrid, 6’0x23″ hybrid, 6’3×24″ hybrid, 6’6×24″ hybrid, 6’10×24″ hybrid, 7’3×24″ round NOTE: mini simmons style boards with a FULL ROUND NOSE (ie semi circle longboard style nose shape) may require an extra size or two up – as full round nose may not fit right to end of bag. Likewise large bolt & plate style rear fins (eg 6″, 7″, etc) may take extra 2″ of length. Please contact us if unsure. Thanks & stay stoked!

Product Features

  • *NEW from Curve* MEGA 3/4″ 20mm surfboard protection from Nose to Tail, including Rails!!
  • 7mm (1/4″) foam core with tough 600D water-resistant polycanvas base + heat reflective silver tarpee upper
  • big tooth #10 PK non corrosive zip + padded double adjustable detachable shoulder strap
  • TPSS tail protection strap system
  • Armourdillo mega boosted board protection – from Nose to Tail, including Rails!!