Gold Coast Surfboards – 7′ RISHU Surfboard Leash – Durable Kink-Free (1/4″ Thick) Leash for Soft Top Foam Surfboards and Funboard Surfboards

RISHU 7ft. LEASH DESCRIPTION – 7mm thick clear with black TPU leash – lightweight – Kink free – Built in rail saver – Built in key department – Stainless steel double swivel system – High density neoprene padded 1.5 inch ankle cuff SHIPPING USPS priority

Product Features

  • The Rishu 7′ Surfboard Leash is made of a 1/4″ Thick (7mm) urethane cord that’s built to last. We designed our 7′ Leash to be Simple, Durable, and Comfortable!
  • Designed, Tried, and Tested by the team here at Gold Coast Surfboards, our leashes have survived and thrived in all levels of surfing.
  • High End Design Includes a 1/4″ Thick (7mm) Kink FREE Urethane Cord, Rail Saving Technology, Incredibly Durable Double Swivels that are Stainless Steal.
  • The Comfortable High Density 1.5″ Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff includes the Hidden Fin Key/Car Key Department
  • With Leash String included, the 7′ Rishu Surfboard Leash is ready to attach to your surfboard and get you back out in the water!