FCS MF-2 Mick Fanning Performance Core Surfboard Tri Fin Set

Mick Fanning’s signature MF-2 features the same construction, foil and outline as the MF-1 but on a smaller template. This medium size fin has a dynamic flex, is ideal for long arc turns, and is designed for high performance power surfing.

Performance Core (PC) construction produces a lightweight fin with a stiff base and responsive tip flex. This translates into immediate start-up acceleration and a direct transfer of energy from the surfer to the fin.

The MF-1 also features TRICOIL technology. This dynamic flex pattern is achieved through the multi-axial carbon frame inside the fin. Tricoil flex effectively stores and releases energy as the surfer transitions from one turn into the next.

Product Features

  • Base: 4.35in.
  • Depth: 4.50in.
  • Area: 14.62sq.in.
  • Sweep: 35.9°
  • Foil: Flat