Destination Surf Road Runner Day Bag – Longboard Surfboard (10’2)


Introduced in 1981 as a small family owned business specializing in manufacturing quality surf accessories. Today, over 35 years later, Destination is still a core family surf business with a mission that has not strayed.

Our main focus is to create quality, reliable, hard-core surf products.


Designed to be more than just a day bag, the Road Runner is built with 5mm foam padding all around, heavy duty tarp material on the outside of the bag, and ultra tough hardware. When it comes to any surf board bag, it’s all about the zipper. Destination has the best zippers in the business, a #10 heavy duty marine grade zipper. Plus we offer a Lifetime Warranty on zippers; if it breaks we’ll fix it…always. .

Take action and let Destination protect your board from the blazing sun on beach days, during transport or while stored at home. This will be the last bag you need.


6’6 – 8’6 are 26″ Wide 9’2 – 10’2 are 28″ Wide Velcro Fin Slot Paddled Shoulder Strap and Handle

Product Features

  • Wide shape fits all full template, round nose surfboards, sizes: 6’6, 7’0, 7’6, 8’0, 8’6, 9’2, 9’8, 10’2
  • 5mm foam padding with canvas nose reinforcement and Velcro fin slot
  • Heavy duty reflective tarp exterior to protect your surf board from the sun, keeping it cool
  • Ideal board bag for everyday use, keep your investment protected during transport, at the beach and wherever you store your boards
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ZIPPER!! A reliable #10 heavy duty marine grade zipper that lasts!