TGS Superior Surf Leash – 7 ft Premium Leash with Double Stainless Steel Swivels and Triple Rail Saver – Clear

TGS Superior Surf leash – Best Choice for You.

Aiming to guarantee your safety yet serving you the greatest experience on surfing, TGS Superior Surf Leash uses the best materials to provide a combination of strength, stretch, and lightweight.

The Leash Size/Board Size Recommendation:

6ft Leash: 5’ – 6’ Board Size 7ft Leash: 6’ – 7’ Board Size 8ft Leash: 7’ – 8’ Board Size 9ft Leash: 8’ – 9’ Board Size Board Size recommendation can vary between surfer’s ability level. A leash should be equal in length to or slightly longer than the board it will be used on

The tech specs featuring:

Double Wrap-around Velcro Cuff 100% Stainless Steel Swivel 7mm Strong polyurethane cord

TGS is aiming to get the customers on well-designed, professional, top-quality water sports accessories. These features will allow you have the best experience performing water sports related to surfboards or SUP, guarantee your safety and ensure your comfortability at the same time.

Product Features

  • 3mm Deluxe Double Wrap-around Velcro Cuff using high density neoprene, guarantees you the safety and comfort at the same time. Key Pocket is implemented to this product.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Swivel, Smooth rotating feature allows the leash to spin and twist without the rider, prevents tangles.
  • 7mm Strong polyurethane cord which passes the car test, is giving you a combination of strength and stretch.
  • By using a hook-and-loop tab and cord loop, rail-saver strap reduces abrasion and provides a secure connection and not put too much strain on the rail.
  • We encourage beginners and big wave riders to use our TGS leashes (7mm) in order to reduce breakage caused by frequent falls or more powerful, bigger waves.