Double Barrel Surf Wax – Cold Water – 3 Pack

Double Barrel Surf Wax, the wax so nice you’ll get barreled… twice. Santa Barbara Surfing’s Double Barrel Wax is hand made in California to exacting standards. The wax so great, it took two barrels to describe it. Our cold water wax is for temps 64 degrees and below. Can be used as your only wax or with a basecoat. This Premium wax will truly provide the best traction for all of your boards. Higher performance than Mr. Zogs Sexwax Quick Humps or Sticky Bumps. With a scent so good you’ll want to keep a few extras around the house or office to remind you of those good times on the water.

Product Features

  • COLD TEMPERATURE: Best wax of choice for 64°F and colder water.
  • CLASSIC SCENT: Coconut scent will have your board, your car, and your surf shack smelling like surfing.
  • BEST TRACTION: The Double Barrel Wax provides some of the best traction, allowing you to stick to your board in those gnar gnar conditions.
  • MADE IN THE USA: California to be exact. If it’s clean enough to be produced in California still, you know it’s environmentally friendly.
  • LONG LASTING: Long lasting wax