Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard (Blue, 44)

Maxmize your wave time on the Titan by Custom X. The performance prone template is just the start. Next combine the Tight Cell Deck with an inner core of Wavecore PE foam reinforced with our exclusive graphite stringer and stiffened with dual rails. Add our high grade Surlyn bottom skin, crescent tail with channels and you have an all out winner. The Titan utilizes a proven template, bringing a quality shape for optimal performance.

Product Features

  • GREAT FOR THE PRICE: This Custom X bodyboard offers all of the features that you would expect to find in a high end bodyboard. This board is very moderately priced and for the money you pay, it has great value.
  • HOW YOU CHOOSE TO RIDE IT IS UP TO YOU: What makes this board so special is that it can be used as a prone bodyboard and a drop-knee bodyboard. It offers stiffness in the places where you need for drop-knee boarding and control and speed for when you are prone bodyboarding.
  • WELL MADE AND HIGH QUALITY: High-grade Surlyn Slick bottom with channels. Surlyn plastic is regarded as the top of the line material for any bodyboard slick. Great for any level of experience. Wave-Plank Polyethylene Core. These boards aren’t going to wear out. They are made for everyday, frequent use.
  • FEATURES INCLUDE: 50/50 Template. Double Rails @ 60/40. This 60/40 ratio allows for a better grip or ‘bite’ in the wave similar to how a crescent tail provides you with more control. Also has a crescent tail.
  • SINGLE OR DOUBLE STRINGER: 41-43″ come with a single stringer. 44-45″ come with double stringers. COME IN A VARIETY OF COLORS: Logo, rail and slick colors are assorted. All colors are bright, eye catching and fun.