BZ T-10 42 Bodyboard with Stripe – Light Blue deck, Blue rails, Green bottom

The T-10 is the longest running model in the BZ line. With over 10 years of refining, the T-10 is the best all-around performer for the price. The refined 42-inch template combined with the clipped crescent channel tail make this board ideal for all conditions and riding styles. The unique Dow 300 core allows maximum flex with the optimal projection for any type of riding. This material makes it one of the most adaptive cores for all water conditions. Specifications: Length: 42 inches Width: 21.5 inches Nose: 12 inches Tail: 17.75 inches Core: Dow 300

Product Features

  • Board Core: Polyethylene
  • Stringer: No Stringer
  • Board Slick: HD PE
  • Board Slick: Crescent
  • 42” Light Blue deck, Blue rails, Green bottom