Sticky Bumps 5 Pack Wax With Comb (Choose Temperature) (Tropical w/ Green Comb)

Temperature info — COLD: Our softest wax for water temps below 60°F or 15°C / COOL: A semi-soft wax for water temps 58°F-68°F or 14°C-19°C / WARM: Original Warm: 64°F-74°F or 19°C-28°C / TROPICAL: A hard wax for water temps above 75°F or 24°C

Product Features

  • FIRST TO BREAK AWAY: Sticky Bumps is the first traction added wax that broke away from the paraffin based waxes.
  • LONG LASTING: Long lasting and easy to apply formula.
  • INCLUDES: Pack of 5 Boxed Wax with Comb.
  • MORE INFO: See Description for temperature details.