Kibaron STICKY BUMPS WAX plus FIREBALL Wax Remover, FLEXCOMB Scraper, Future Fin Key Total of 4 Bars of Wax 2 Cool/Cold, 1 Base Coat, 1 Cool

Sticky Bumps Basecoat Boxed Wax. Apply a layer of basecoat to your new board or clean deck. This allows for the correct temperature wax to rub-on easier and stay on longer. Sticky Bumps the iconic american brand manufactured known throughout world its consistent quality goes smoother. Basecoat wax designed for all water temperatures. Hard wax designed to create defined bumps for ultimate grip out in the water. Start with a clean deck an apply with light pressure in a circular motion to build a tight bump base pattern. Non-toxic biodegradable and all-natural. Handmade in the USA.

Product Features

  • ULTIMATE SURF KIT: You asked for it!! Now includes a FUTURES FIN KEY, Four Bars of Sticky Bumps Wax: Base, Cool and 2 Bars of Cool/ColdWax Plus a FlexComb to Clean your Board, then use your FIREBALL wax remover to get the last of the wax off.
  • FLEX COMB: The quickest way to de-wax your board, the versatility of this flat scraper is incredible. It conforms to the rails edge and easily scrapes off days of built up wax.
  • STICKY BUMPS: The Original Surf Wax, made in the USA since 1971 and still the best. We start with the base coat really makes a difference. Apply light pressure in a circular motion to build a tight bump pattern. Next we apply the Cool/Cold wax, the correct temperature will rub-on easier and stay on longer.
  • FIREBALL: First remove the excess wax with your new FLEXCOMB now use your FIREBALL till your board shines.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund.