Active Nature Baby Neoprene Wetsuit UV Protected Swimwear Swim Diaper with Dry Bag (Large 18/24 Months)

Baby Foxy Wetsuit Neoprene UV Protected Swimwear Long Sleeve. The wetsuit comes in three sizes; Small – 3/9 Months, Medium – 9/18 Months, Large – 18/24 Months. Being a mum myself and observing how cold my daughter got as a baby when having her swimming lessons, made me realise the importance of keeping them warm. Once in a wetsuit she was able to last her whole lesson and more! She was much happier and that made learning to swim easier. The design of the wetsuit like most wetsuits fits snugly in order to trap in their body heat. This design also holds the swim nappy in place. To put wetsuit on you just unzip the back, roll it down half way, then place baby’s legs in first. Simply roll it back up, tucking in their arms and zipping it up. If your baby has those gorgeous chunky thighs and would normally wear a size or two larger than their age, I would recommend getting the next size up.

Product Features

  • Super soft and supple neoprene fabric with cute foxy logo
  • Stylish wetsuit design keeps baby warmer for much longer than an ordinary swimsuit
  • Holds swim nappy securely and dramatically reduces the risk of any leaks
  • Long sleeves offers UV protection
  • The wetsuit comes in a high quality dry bag for storing the wetsuit after a swim to keep the rest of your bag dry