Wave Zone Speed Inducer – Bottom Seal Wax for Skimboards – Made in the USA

Powerful polymer based surface sealant. Boosted by Polycharger – specially formulated to protect finishes from marine contamination, salt air, and UV inducing slow fade. Apply to the bottom of your fiberglass skimboard for a faster glide and a faster ride. Sold in an 8 oz single bottle (plenty for a whole season). Made in the USA.

Product Features

  • Polymer Based Surface Sealant boosted by PolyCharger
  • Formulated to Protect Gel Coat from Marine Contamination and Degradation
  • Sheilds from UV Inducing Slow Fade
  • Treats the Bottom of a Fiberglass Skimboard For Up To 10 Uses
  • Creates a Speed Inducing Bottom Sheeting