ShredPad Portable Board Stand (pink) – unique skateboard/longboard vertical wall rack & mat storage system

Easily set up your board and forget about tail dings or messy floors. ShredPad helps you protect your board, flooring, and walls with a simple design that shows off your board and looks great in any room. Just set the ShredPad on the ground near the wall, set your board on it and rest it against the wall. To keep the board from sliding, attach the stick-on grip to the wall where top of the board rests. A suction grip is also included to stick on your board instead when on the move or on windows – including car windows! Easily fits in board bags and eliminates the need to install a rack system potentially damaging the wall. ShredPad one is designed for boards that can normally stand up on their own so make sure your board stands up fine vertically and has clearance under the ceiling.

Product Features

  • Stands your board up against the wall to store or display in any room
  • Installation Free – sets up in seconds
  • Base Mat protects board from dings and collects water and dirt runoff
  • Stick-on and Suction Wall Grips help hold your board up at home and on the road
  • Easy to set up, use, and clean – made of durable silicone rubber