Mike Stewart Science Launch LTD 2018 Bodyboard 42.5 Navy/Black/Yellow

Mike Stewart Science Launch Limited Poly PP 2018 Bodyboard The launch: The fastest board in the Science Template Series
A straighter template designed to be exceedingly fast through all sections with the simple aim to Launch you as high as humanly possible.The Launch also holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must. Aim for a section, be it down the line of a deep pit or towards a lip to accelerate you skyward, The launch will get you there very quickly.

Channels: MS Channels
Gradual entry but its surface area remains constant through-out the water flow.With water flow when you increase surface, going from flat bottom to concave (channel) this creates drag and slows down the board. With the MS Channels two things occur.
1. Smooth Entry into the channel.
2. No drag producing added surface area.

Specs: Size 40.5, 41.5, 42.5, 43.5 Core: Kinetic Polypro Core (PP) Deck:Wavecushion Air 8lb PE Deck Stringer: 1x Stringer Slick: Surlyn Slick Skin Channels: MS Channels Tail: Crescent Tail
Additional Features: 55/45 Double Rail Nose Bulbs Slick Mesh Launch Ltd Deck Contour

Product Features

  • Core:Polypropylene (Polypro)
  • Slick:Surlyn
  • Stringer:1 Stringer
  • Mid.Blue deck, Black rails, Yellow bottom
  • Tail:Crescent